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In these times we must not lose one thing: our smile !!!

It is not an effective medicine against the virus, but the more effective it is against the fear and, unfortunately, it has infected many more people than the virus itself.

A few facts about smiles:

1. It costs nothing but is not at all for nothing

2. We don’t have to get out to get it

3. We have had it within us since birth

4. It is more contagious than any pathogen

5. We are solely responsible for it

6. Nobody can take it from us

7. Nobody can forbid us

And here’s something about the chances of infection:

1. It spreads via auditory and visual infection

2. It uses technical devices and especially social media as an intermediate host (finally a really great function of social media)

3. It has the potential to trigger an even bigger and faster spreading pandemic.

Where there is a smile, fear gives way.

For this I volunteer as patient zero with my admittedly somewhat concentrated smile.

But let me tell you: it comes from the deepest soul.

Please post your smile in the comments.

Let’s flood the world with it.

I am happy to see the spread of the smile virus.

Everyone remain full of confidence.

Our lifetime is too valuable to be wasted.